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Written by Owen   
Friday, 20 May 2011 19:27

Now that school is out for the summer I have some free time and I will be spending some of it working on the Framework.  The first order of business has already been taken care of, which was to ensure that the current code in the SVN repo builds on Linux and Windows.  Making this possible came at the cost of removing the arithmatic and logical operators from the class.  It is still possible to access the held DynamicAny value however so as a whole not much changes.

My immeadiate goals are:

  • Complete integration of UnitTest++ for testing.  This is partly complete.
  • Fix configuration file loading.  Will likely move to an XML based solution rather than an arbitrary text format.  This will likely result in a much more stable platform and will be much easier to maintain.
  • Bring tutorials and examples up to date.

Once these tasks are completed I will release version 1.1 of Onyx.System.

The system is still very unstable and since this is a for-fun project that, so far as I know, I am the only user of I  don't hesitate to make interface breaking changes.

Also, the ExampleApplication class is likely to be removed and the ApplicationBase turned into a more unified class that provides some default functionality such as config file loading and logging.  As for good news I have created a new dependencies package that contains the needed files for both Windows and Linux platforms.  I plan to incude both the source and binaries of the needed dependencies.

At this point I don't really see the point of allowing C++ shared library plugins.  The more I look into it the more it appears to be more trouble than its worth so I am likely going to skip it in favor of moving on to something more interesting.  What that will be I don't know yet.


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