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Written by Owen   
Sunday, 21 February 2010 02:12

Currently, the Onyx Framework only contains a single package, the Onyx.System package. This is the core package and any others will likely depend on it for the basic functionality it offers.


  • Flexible core application class.
    • Easily extended through inheritance, ApplicationListeners, or manually bound event functions.
    • Macros to ensure consistent creation and setup of Applications.
    • Application instance managed by ApplicationManager singleton.
    • Manages Subsystems and command line arguments.
    • Application can receive messages for many common operations.
  • Subsystems
    • Either static Subsystems or Subsystems that are updated automatically each update cycle.
    • Subsystem interdependence is accounted for in Subsystem initialization and uninitialization.
    • Provides abstract Subsystems for logging and configuration file loading, as well as simple implementations of both.
  • String utility class for converting to/from strings as well as parsing name-value pairs and trimming white space from the beginning and end of a string.
  • Utility classes for message handling and processing (for thread safe communication).

Future potential packages include:

  • Onyx.Plugin
  • Onyx.wxWidgets
  • Onyx.AngelScript
  • Onyx.Game2D
  • Onyx.Game3D
  • Onyx.CEGUI
  • Onyx.Input
  • Onyx.Audio
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